Entries and information: https://www.evoevents.co.nz/  
Entry status, the draw and final results are available to view on the Equestrian Entries website.

Dressage Tests: Can be found here https://www.nzequestrian.org.nz/disciplines/eventing/resources/riders/ or in our 'Gallery' tab

  • SATURDAY 28TH 50CM-(Dressage test NZPCA B6-5 2018)
  • SATURDAY 28TH 65CM-(Dressage test L1 Pretraining 2009)
  • SUNDAY 29TH 80CM(Dressage test L4 Pretraining 2009)
  • SUNDAY 29TH 95CM(Dressage test A3 Training 2009)
  • SUNDAY 29TH 1.05M(Dressage test A5 training 2018)

Back Protectors: Riders must wear approved (red stickered) bodyprotector

Helmets: Riders must wear approved (yellow tagged) safety helmet. We can tag your helmet on site - see us at the office 

Back Numbers: back numbers (printed or sent) own back number carrier

Riding the same horse: You may enter the same horse on different days

Food: We will have food, coffee, and drinks available for purchase at the office both days

No Dogs and No Stallions permitted on grounds

Refunds–80% of entry fee will be refunded for any scratchings made prior to 26  October 2023. Refunds after this time may be paid on application to the event  committee via the secretary, with supporting information (vet/farrier/doctorcertificate) submitted no later than 7days after the event. In case of event cancellation due to severe weather, refunds will be 100% less the non-refundable $20 admin fee and any  late payment fees. Refunds to be paid out within 4weeks of the event.

Cancellations will be announced on Facebook page &website from 6.30am on the morning of the event. Please do not ring or send messages before this time.

Competition Format:

  1. Event to be run in OneDayEventformat (all phases on Saturday for 50cm &65cm; and all phases on Sunday for 80cm ,95cm&105cm)
  2. Crosscountry phase will be run over shortened, less technical course (approx 2/3rds of standard length)
  3. Run under ESNZ Eventing rulebook
  4. NO protests please-this is a fun event. If you have any issues please come and talk with TD